Historiography Problems in Russian University Science of the First Half of the 19th Century
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Historiography Problems in Russian University Science of the First Half of the 19th Century
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The article deals with the historiography problems research in homeland science of the first half of the 19th century. University professors’ scientific opinions on this subject have not been learned yet. The author shows that Russian university science considered Historiography the important part of scientific research of European history. In the article has been undertaken analysis of scientific works of Russian university professors. Some of them are famous in Russia, and others are almost forgotten. Among the first group there are the names of T. N. Granovsky and P. N. Kudryavtsev. V. F. Tsykh and A. I. Stavrovsky belong to forgotten names in history of Russian science. V. F. Tsykh was the first Russian historian who began to investigate historiography problems. V. F. Tsykh thought the modern level of teaching history was rather low, he advised to change the conceptions of previous ages for contemporary ones. The author of the article resumes that the system of historiography opinions of home historians in the field of abroad history began in 1830—40. She demonstrates it, when deals with the work of Kiev university professor A. I. Stavrovsky. The historiography opinions of T. N. Granovsky are also showed in the article. Historiography problems were a part of his well known lecture courses of different years given in Moscow University. Professor Granovsky was sure that historiography is the necessary part of teaching students. To his mind students had to know about the most important theories on the subject they studied. Granovsky’s special articles concerned on ancient historiography are also used. The historiography opinions of another Moscow professor P. N. Kudryavtsev are also investigated. He characterized the points of view of contemporary European scientists on the problems of early Modern history. The facts allow to see that Russian historians were on the way to solve the historiography problems. At the same time they had their own opinion on contemporary European historiography and did not copy their points of view.
historiography of medieval and early Modern history, university professors, teaching, lectures, dissertations
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