Theme: The World of Personality in Western Countries: History – Politics – Culture
Theme: Russia between West and East: Historical Retrospective
Theme: Historical Past of Russia and Serbia in Historiography and Historical Memory
Theme: The Regional History of Russia from the Empire to the 21st Century: to the 280th Anniversary of the Orenburg Region
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Theme: Actual Problems of Historical Research and Education
Theme: Time and Temporality: Chronology, Dating and Periodization | Religious Institutions in the History of Russia and Europe of the 19th — 20th Centuries
Theme: Social Transformations of Modern and Contemporary Times: Society, Politics, Science
Theme: Historical Rhythms of the Middle East. In Memory of Professor Mikhail Meyer
Theme: Diplomatic Service in Russia and Europe in Modern Times | Civil Conflicts of Iberoamerica: Historical Lessons and Modern Projections
Theme: The Scandinavian-Baltic Region: History and Historiography
Theme: Time in Town: Long Middle Ages and Its Heritage | New Political History of Medieval Europe in Russia
Theme: Source Studies in the Context of Modern Research Technologies: Problems and Challenges | Legal Texts of the 5th — 17th Centuries: Sources of Authority
Theme: Africa in World History: from the Colonial Era to the Present
Theme: Charity in History: Russian and World Experience
Theme: Outstanding Personalities of the West from Antiquity to the Present Day
Theme: The History of Everyday Life: West and East of Europe
Theme: Soviet Antiquity | Historian and Text
Theme: Intercultural Contacts and Conflicts in the Mediterranean | Historical Past of Russia and Belarus in Historiography and Historical Memory
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Theme: Actual Problems of Historical Research and Education
Theme: Actual Problems of Historical Research and Education
Theme: Translation in the Profession of a Historian | The Historical Heritage of the Middle Ages and the Horizons of European Civilization
Theme: Russia and Iberoamerica: History, Diplomacy, Сulture | Problems of the History of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Theme: Russia and the Global World: Ideas and Answers to Historical Challenges of the 19th — 21st Centuries
Theme: Text Culture: Book, Map, Document
Theme: Russia between West and East: the Dialogue of Cultures in Historical Retrospect
Theme: States and Religious Organizations: Strategies of iInteraction in the History of the 20th Century
Theme: Personality — Society — Culture
Theme: Modern and Contemporary European Science: Institutions, Concepts, Actors
Theme: Problems of African History and Russian-African Relations
Theme: Border Regions in Critical Historical Epochs
Theme: Publicity as a Factor in Development of the Medieval and Early Modern Western European Statehood
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Theme: Historical Comparative Studies | History of the Crimea in Antiquity, in the Middle Ages and in Modern Times
Theme: Actual Problems of Historical Research
Theme: History of the Russian Far East
Theme: Actual Problems of Contemporary History: to the Anniversary of Academician Alexander Chubaryan
Theme: Russia and the North Caucasus: Actual Problems of Common History
Theme: The Territory of Law, Diversity of a City, and Problems of Historical Urban
Theme: Cognitive Sciences and Historical Cognition | The Religious Factor in International Relations
Theme: The Mediterranean, the European North and the Baltic Sea Region: Big Strategies and Small States
Theme: Macrosystem of Empires: Transfer of Ideas, Practices, Institutions in the 19th — 20th Centuries
Theme: The Eastern Christian World and the World of Islam in the Eurasian Space: Politics, Religion, Culture
Theme: Culture — Science — Education: Problems and Challenges
Theme: The Left Alternative in the 20th Century
Theme: British Research in Russia: Traditions and Innovations
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Theme: Social Transformations in a Changing World: Historical Experience and Current Practices
Theme: Social Transformations in a Changing World: Historical Experience and Current Practices
Theme: Boundaries of Medieval Studies and Limitless Middle Ages
Theme: From the Patrimonial Monarchy to the Public / Legal State in Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age
Theme: Source Studies and Historical Memory in the Context of Digital Humanities
Theme: Interconnected, Cross-Cutting History of the Peoples and Cultures in Contemporary Scholarly Discourse
Theme: Russia and the Vatican | German National Idea in the 17th — 21st Centuries
Theme: Practical Usages of Writing. Representation of Social Groups
Theme: Ideology and Global Challenges: Conservatism in the Theory and Practice of the 20th — 21st Centuries
Theme: Men at War
Theme: Digital Commonwealth of Humanities: Information Technologies in History and Related Studies
Theme: Russian Abroad: Charity, Culture, Science
Theme: World History in the System of Soviet Science, Culture and Education in 1917—1947
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Theme: Dialogue and Сonfrontation between the West and Russia. History and Modern Times
Theme: The Transformations of International Political Systems from the Congress of Vienna to the 21st Century
Theme: Dynamic Middle Ages: Legal and Social Mechanisms of Change in Medieval Europe
Theme: External Relations of Eastern Europe in the Ancient Times and Early Middle Ages
Theme: Phenomenon of Formation of the Continental Empire in the Eurasian Area: the Experience of Ural-Volga and Central Asian Territories
Theme: International Relations in Scandinavian-Baltic Region in the 19th — 21st Centuries
Theme: World after the Treaty of Versailles: New Views and Contemporary Understanding
Theme: The Great Russian Revolution of 1917 in the Regional Perspective
Theme: Social and Visual in History
Theme: Problems of the Russian History
Theme: Byzantium — Christian East — Russia: Problems of History and Culture
Theme: Spanish Civil War 80 Years Later: New Historical Research and Historical Memory
Theme: Russia — Kazakhstan: Milestones of History
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Theme: Problems of World History: Facts, Conceptions, Representations
Theme: Conflict and Deception in Societies of the Middle Ages and Modern Times
Theme: Empires and Nations-States of Modern and Contemporary Times: Power, Society, Identity
Theme: Revolutionary Waves and Transformation of the World in the 20th Century
Theme: History and Myth: Theory, Identity, Sociocultural and Political Realities
Theme: History and Historiography of Africa in Russian Studies: Dialogue of Generations
Theme: History of Russian Philosophy
Theme: Russia and Vatican
Theme: Russian Revolution, Comintern and Latin America
Theme: New Trends in the Study of Heraldry and Emblematics
Theme: The British World: Social, Political and Cultural Development
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Theme: Moscow—Madrid: for the 40th Anniversary of Restoration of Diplomatic Relations
Theme: The Individual, Ethnos, Religion in the Process of Intercultural Interaction: Russian and World Experience in the Formation of Civil Identity
Theme: History of Orenburg Region
Theme: Property in Medieval Western Europe (Land – Power – Law)
Theme: Public History and the Digital Turn
Theme: European Law in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period: between the Сoncepts of “Norm” and “Practice”
Theme: Practices of Source Studies and Historical Archives Research
Theme: Problems of the Scandinavian-Baltic Region’s History
Theme: History of Crimea
Theme: Laboratory of Historian: Source and Method
Theme: Theoretical Problems of the Historical Narrative
Theme: Regalia: History and Heraldry
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Theme: World History: National, International and Global Approaches to the Study of History of the 20th century
Theme: History of Siberia
Theme: Religious Traditions and Historical Memory
Theme: History of Russia: Short Course
Theme: Issue 8 (52)
Theme: Digital History in the Framework of Digital Humanities
Theme: Social Fabric of the Medieval Town
Theme: The Problems of National Minorities in the CSEC Countries in the Interwar Period
Theme: The History and Heritage of the Russian America
Theme: Russia and Africa: a History of the Formation of Mutual Perceptions
Theme: Britain and Russia: Intercultural Dialogue
Theme: The 225th Anniversary of the French Revolution
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Theme: Peace after War. Reconciliation Experience in the World History: from the Ancient World to Present
Theme: Russia — Bashkortostan: Common Historical Destiny
Theme: Russia and Britain: Cultural Interactions in the 20th Century
Theme: New Image of Historical Science and Historian’s Research
Theme: The History of the Saratov Volga Region
Theme: Historical Information Science: New Methods and Techniques of Historical Research
Theme: The Problems of Historical Knowledge (Part II)
Theme: Laboratory of Historian: Source and Method (Part II)
Theme: History and Cyberspace: Influence of Network Culture on Contemporary Knowledge of Past
Theme: Annual of French Studies: The Life of the Court of France from Charlemagne to Louis XIV
Theme: History of the Great Patriotic War (1941—1945)
Theme: Peering through the Time: 200 years of Mikhail Bakunin
Theme: On the Way to International Security: Diplomatic, Military, Political and Legal Issues (the mid-1940’s — 1970’s)
Theme: Elites and Elitist Praxis in the Processes of State Formation and Development in the Medieval Europe
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Theme: France and the Orient
Theme: Auxiliary Historical Disciplines and Interdisciplinary Problems of the Humanities
Theme: Perception of Russia in the United States. Perception of the United States in Russia
Theme: History and Culture of Religions of Russia
Theme: Political Structures and Social Processes in Europe: Later Middle Ages and Early Modern Times
Theme: The problems of historical knowledge
Theme: Scientists, knowledge and authority in colonial and continental empires
Theme: Discussion problems of German history (the conference materials)
Theme: New tendency in modern historiography of «Cold War»
Theme: The epoch of Nikolay Ogarev: Up to 200th anniversary of the poet
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Theme: Issue 2 (18)
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Theme: Issue 3 (11)
Theme: Issue 2(10)
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Theme: Issue 8
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Theme: Issue 4
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