J. Edgar Hoover: Reality and Myth
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J. Edgar Hoover: Reality and Myth
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Yaroslav Levin 
Affiliation: Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education
Address: Russia, Samara
The article dwells to myths about the most famous director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the USA John Edgar Hoover. The closeness of this department, a large number of contradictory actions led special position which was reached by FBI in the years of his directorship in the American policy to emergence in mass consciousness of a huge number of theories about this man and the department headed by him. Within this article an attempt to sort the most famous myths about Hoover and to understand as far as they were close to reality and also to study the mechanism of their formation is made. Article is based on materials of FBI archive and scientific literature on history of Bureau.
FBI, USA, J. Edgar Hoover, Cold War, McCarthyism, counterintelligence
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