Reims Artisans and Merchants in the Space of the City of the 16th—18th Centuries
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Reims Artisans and Merchants in the Space of the City of the 16th—18th Centuries
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Ekaterina Kirillova 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The social dimension of the urban everyday life of the Modern times is studied in the context of interaction and interpenetration of the professional and urban environment. The author examines such professional activities of artisans and traders in Reims, which took place outside such traditional places of work as workshops, shops, markets and fairs: trade on the streets, delivery of goods, their storage, etc. The article is also devoted to the peculiarities of the behavior of artisans and merchants in the urban environment. The author examines the activities of artisans and merchants that may have affected the safety of homeowners, first of all, regulations aimed at preventing thefts and concealing stolen goods.

artisans and merchants, Reims, Modern times, urban space, professional control, order and safety
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