“Complete Calm Reigns Now in the City of Mashhad”: Russia and the Mashhad Incident of 1912
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“Complete Calm Reigns Now in the City of Mashhad”: Russia and the Mashhad Incident of 1912
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Andrey Larin 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article is devoted to the events in Mashhad in early 1912. The royalist agitation in the Holy city of Shi’ites led to the fact that a significant part of the followers of the former Shah took bast in the shrine of Imam Reza, hoping for the restoration of their favorite. The Russian Consulate, which initially seemed to be sympathetic to the idea of restoring of the ex-Shah, eventually lost control of the situation. As a result of the escalation, the Russian authorities resorted to military force and forced the royalists, hiding in the holy place, to surrender. Mashhad events revealed both the similarity of the approach of the Russian authorities in resolving various crisis situations in Iran, and a significant difference in the understanding of the 1907 Convention that existed in St. Petersburg and London.

Russia, Great Britain, Iran, Sazonov, Grey, Benckendorff, Buchanan, Poklewski-Koziell, Dabija
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