The Collection of the Socio-Humanitarian Journals of the RAS Will Become the Core of the Online Archives


The State Academic University for the Humanities (GAUGN) is actively working to establish the online archives of scientific materials in the areas of International Relations and Historical and Philological Sciences and Social Sciences (

Under the project, it is planned to recreate the complete collection of issues of scientific journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the social and humanitarian profile, in addition to which the online archives will include monographs, collections of articles, materials of scientific conferences, video recordings of lectures and reports presented at scientific events. At present, about 200 video recordings have already been placed in the public domain and over 40,000 scientific articles published in journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences have been digitized.

It is assumed that the creation of a system of open access online archives will further increase the publication activity of scientific organizations, as well as interest in publications and monographs in the social sciences and humanities, becoming an important support for new scientific research.

The project is being implemented by GAUGN with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation under the federal program “Research and Development in Priority Areas of the Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia for 2014—2020”.

Boris Yablokov