“The Enemy Must not Only Be Defeated, but Exterminated”: Adolf Pokorny’s Memorandum and Nazi Mass Sterilization Experiments
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“The Enemy Must not Only Be Defeated, but Exterminated”: Adolf Pokorny’s Memorandum and Nazi Mass Sterilization Experiments
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Egor Yakovlev 
Affiliation: Scientific and Educational Project “Digital History”
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

Numerous crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis are not subject to any doubt. However, some specific atrocities of the Hitlerite elites are still not well understood. One of such cases undeveloped in historiography is the mass sterilization experiments, which took place under the patronage of the SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler in 1941—1945. Correspondence of Nazi officials, as well as detailed testimonies of the defendants at the so-called Nuremberg Doctors' trial (December 9, 1946 — August 20, 1947), which this article introduces for the first time in the scientific circulation in Russia, clearly demonstrate what initiatives the SS upper reaches were ready to support and how they corresponded with the plans of the boss of that organization.

Adolf Pokorny’s Memorandum, Nuremberg Doctors' trial, Sterilization Experiments, Nazi crimes against humanity
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