The Spatial Dimension in Codicological Research of the Lists of Novae constitutiones of Pope Innocent IV (13th — 16th Centuries)
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The Spatial Dimension in Codicological Research of the Lists of Novae constitutiones of Pope Innocent IV (13th — 16th Centuries)
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The paper analyzes new information obtained as a result of additions and refinements of the lists of manuscripts of Novae сonstitutiones of Pope Innocent IV (1243—1254) compiled by P.-J. Kessler (Kessler 1941/1944, 1967, 1982), M. Bertram (Bertram 1973—2014) and F. Cahu (Cahu 2013). The study is based on published library catalogues in Europe, the USA and the Russian Federation. Totally 436 lists of Novae сonstitutiones, and about 140 lists of comments to them were processed; about 120 new lists were found. The data of M. Bertram and F. Cahu about the lists of Decretals of Gregory IX, J. Murano about Pecia manuscripts (Murano, 2005) and preliminary list of manuscripts with the writings of Innocent IV (Apparatus for Liber Extra and Tractatus de exceptionibus) and the works attributed to him (Summa de poenitentia of Thomas of Cobham etc.) were used for comparative analyses. The results of the investigation are presented on the maps and in the list of manuscripts of Novae constitutiones. Territorial distribution of modern storage sites of the lists of Novae constitutiones, reflecting significantly their circulation at the end of the Middle Ages, demonstrate their concentration in Austria and Germany. The overall quantitative superiority of Church libraries (38,4 %) over University ones (15,8 %) is significant and could be explained by peculiarities of the university system of legal education. Information about the dating of the lists suggests that active teaching and learning of Novae сonstitutiones took place in the 14th century. The number, contents, and places of creation of the lists demonstrate the dominance of the university system of legal education and the existence of a developed book market of canonical literature.
codicology, manuscript, Novae constitutiones of Innocent IV, Apparatus of Innocent IV, Tractatus de exceptionibus of Innocent IV, Summa de poenitentia of Thomas of Cobham, Liber Extra of Gregory IX, pecia manuscripts, decretal law, Papacy, university
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