Uruguay and the Soviet Union in the 1920—1930s
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Uruguay and the Soviet Union in the 1920—1930s
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Nikolai Ivanov 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The author analyzes the relationship between the Soviet Union and Uruguay in the period of the 20—30s, one of the most difficult in the history of the two countries. The main subjects are the termination of diplomatic relations in 1917, the establishment of trade relations in the early 20s, the activities of trade societies ARCOS, AMTORG, Yuzhamtorg, the resumption of relations in 1926, the development of trade and economic relations, the world economic crisis and the spread of anti-communist hysteria in Latin America, the «oil issue» and its role in the preparation of the coup d'etat in Uruguay in 1933, the strengthening of the ties of the dictatorship of Terra with fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, fakes and provocations that became a pretext for breaking off relations in 1935. Unlike the authors who focus on the role of the Comintern and the goals of the development of the revolutionary movement, the author analyzes Uruguay in the system of international relations, taking into account the policies of the United States and Great Britain, which, in his opinion, played a major role in the sharp fluctuations in the foreign policy of Montevideo and the severance of Soviet-Uruguayan relations.

Uruguay, USSR, Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Great Britain, diplomatic relations, 1920—1930s
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