Recruitment of KGB Agents in the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches of the Latvian SSR (Overview and Examples)
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Recruitment of KGB Agents in the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches of the Latvian SSR (Overview and Examples)
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Solveiga Krumina-Konkova 
Affiliation: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the University of Latvia
Address: Latvia, Riga

The presented article reviews the tasks and methods of recruiting KGB agents among the clergy and laity of the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Latvian SSR from 1944 to 1991. The primary sources of the author’s research are the documents from the archive of the KGB of the LSSR, which have become available for scientific research since December 2018 by the Law of the Republic of Latvia “On the preservation, use of documents of the former State Security Committee and establishing the fact of cooperation of persons with the KGB”. The most significant is the alphabetic file of active agents and the electronic database of operational data “Delta Latvia”. Besides, documents from archives of the Commissar of the Council for Religious Affairs and the Council on Religious Affairs under the Council of Ministers of the USSR in the LSSR, the criminal cases of some convicted priests, stored in the State Archives of Latvia and the author’s interviews with some former KGB agents are used. The review also considers examples that characterise the recruitment methods and the agency’s tasks.

KGB, History of Latvia, agents, clergy, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Roman Catholic Church
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