“Fort Trump” and Its Significance for Contemporary Relations Between Russia and Poland
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“Fort Trump” and Its Significance for Contemporary Relations Between Russia and Poland
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Vera Raikova 
Affiliation: Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University
Address: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

The paper is devoted to the idea of establishing a U. S. military base in Poland, which was unofficially named Fort Trump. The initiative to create a military base came from Polish president Andrzej Duda but this idea caused mixed reactions from U. S. politics, experts and public figures. The implementation of the Fort Trump would pose grave risk to security and stability in Baltic Region and had violated the provisions of the Russia — NATO Founding Act. The Trump administration offered to sign an U. S. — Poland Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement instead of building Fort Trump. In accordance with this Agreement the U.S. military presence in Baltic Region are expanding substantially and cause of the deterioration in the Polish-Russian relations. 

Fort Trump, Baltic Region, NATO, Russia — NATO Founding Act, U. S. — Poland Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
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