Campaigns of Alexander the Great and the Formation of the Borders of the Empire
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Campaigns of Alexander the Great and the Formation of the Borders of the Empire
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Tumans Hariis 
Affiliation: University of Latvia
Address: Latvia, Riga

The confrontation between East and West had a long history already in the time of Herodotus. The campaign of Alexander the Great wrote a bright page in the history of this confrontation. We can understand its original goals and motives by combining the analysis of sources and facts. Of particular importance for understanding is the analysis of Alexander's actions before the start of the campaign and at its first stage, in Asia Minor. This analysis shows that his original goal was to conquer the entire Persian Empire. He was motivated to do this by two groups of reasons: on the one hand, strategic considerations, and on the other hand, ideological motives, i.e. personal fame and mythological parallels.

Alexander the Great, conquest, East and West, confrontation, the goal of the campaign
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