The Present Opportunity for a Recovery of the Real Liberal International Order: the Liberal International Order and the Illiberalism
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The Present Opportunity for a Recovery of the Real Liberal International Order: the Liberal International Order and the Illiberalism
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Antonio de'Robertis 
Affiliation: University of Bari
Address: Italy, Bari

The article examines the liberal international order, its evolution and decline, draws on opinions of critics, journalists, diplomats and scholars. The author analyzes the reasons and stages of the decline of traditional liberal order, as well as its transformation into neoliberal democracy. The presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush stand out as a period in which the international order begins to change its nature. In addition, the article touches upon the consequences of hyper globalization in the context of the formation of neoliberal democracy. As a result of this analysis, the author raises the problem of not understanding the essence of illiberal democracies.

international order, liberalism, democracy, hyper-globalization, illiberal democracies
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