Features of the Development of Online Scientific Periodicals on the Example of the Journal “ISTORIYA”
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Features of the Development of Online Scientific Periodicals on the Example of the Journal “ISTORIYA”
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Boris Yablokov 
Affiliation: State Academic University for the Humanities
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

This review focuses on the history of the electronic scientific and educational journal “ISTORIYA”, stages of its formation and the factors influencing its development. The emergence of online journals, distinguished by the dynamic nature of filling the editorial portfolio providing a much higher level of scientific communication compared to traditional print publications, was a reflection of the rapid introduction of Internet technologies into the daily practice of the humanities. This led to a search for informational and technological solutions that would automate the ways of communicating and processing scientific periodicals against the background of the growth of publication activity and the widespread use of scientometrics. One of such solutions was the creation of publishing platforms, a striking representative of which was JES (Journal of Education and Science) developed in Russia in 2013, which subsequently provided automation of the editorial-publishing cycle for a number of socio-humanitarian journals. The Journal “ISTORIYA”, which at the time served as a guide to technological solutions that took into account the most current trends in the development of forms of scholarly communication, was a flagship publication of the platform. Due to this advantage? the Journal “ISTORIYA”, created by the efforts of the State Academic University for the Humanities and the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has managed not only to take its rightful place among the leading scientific periodicals in a relatively short period of time, but also to acquire a reputation as a media of the highest quality, becoming a “business card” of successful integration of science, education and modern information technology.

ISTORIYA, history, journal, education, science, humanities, scientific periodicals
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