Prefigurations of Thinking about Thinking
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Prefigurations of Thinking about Thinking
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Wojciech Wrzosek 
Affiliation: Adam Mickiewicz University
Address: Poland, Poznań

The article presents arguments about the difficulties of thinking about thinking, notes the historical nature of both thinking itself and the dialogue about it. The author searches for allies for the thesis that thinking about thinking cannot complete itself because thinking about itself does not follow the cognitive strategy Subject/object. It is not possible, in an act of self-communication (self-recognition), to be both the interpretandum and the interpretans. An interpretandum cannot be simultaneously the interpretans in the thinking of the Self. The author gathers arguments for the thesis that thinking about thinking can be supported by the data on pre-philosophical thinking and on the mechanism of metamorphosis.

thinking about thinking, metaphysics, metamorphosis, Heidegger, Cassirer
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