Augustine on the Levels and Stages of the Individual Soul
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Augustine on the Levels and Stages of the Individual Soul
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Filipp Petrov 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The paper is dedicated to the reconstruction of the levels of the individual soul that were developed by Augustine (354—430 A. D.). The main source of this reconstruction is the early dialogue of Augustine which is entitled “De animae quantitate”. The structure and content of his work is analyzed, the main provisions of his psychological concept are explained; shows how Augustine determines the place of the human soul in the hierarchy of created being and isolates five levels within it, correlating them with its rational forces. The psychological terminology of Augustine (anima, animus, mens, ratio, pars animi, facies et cetera), developed by him in the works “On the Trinity” (De Trinitate), “On the City of God” (De civitate Dei), “Monologues” (Soliloquia), “On Various Questions” (De diversis quaestionibus) is considered.

soul, level, concept, reconstruction
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This work was financially supported by the Russian Science Foundation within the framework of the project (No. 20-18-00286) “Personality in the history of European societies: political strategies, cultural values and renovations”.
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