Day of Russian Culture — National Holiday of Russian Abroad
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Day of Russian Culture — National Holiday of Russian Abroad
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Irina Shcheblygina 
Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

This article is devoted to the Day of Russian culture which was the national festival of Russian emigration and became the symbol of spiritual unification of the emigration. Russian emigration addressing to the national cultural sources found the way to preserve its identity as well as to bring up younger generations in the spirit of patriotic consciousness and involvement in the spiritual life of Russia and its rich culture. Public character of the festival organization whereas emigrant community played the leading role in the process was its fundamental feature. The ability of Russian emigration for amateur talent activities manifested itself to the utmost throughout the process of organizing and holding Pushkin celebrations in 1937. Pushkin and His Epoch exhibition in Paris was one of the major events of Pushkin jubilee year. The exhibition became the milestone event not only for Russian emigration but for international cultural society as well.

culture, emigrant community, identity, spiritual unification, continuity
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