Communist International and Independent Labour Party of Great Britain in 1933 — Early 1934
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Communist International and Independent Labour Party of Great Britain in 1933 — Early 1934
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Alexander Prokopov 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article is mainly based on the archival data, Comintern publications and British periodicals. The author examines the relations between the leaders of the III, Communist, International and the Independent Labour Party (ILP) in 1933 — the beginning of 1934. A. Prokopov paid much attention to the analyses of public correspondence between the leaders of the Communist International and the ILP, he also investigates some secrete recommendations (related to the ILP) which the authorities of the Comintern had sent to the chief members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). On the basis of the information from these sources the author could make a conclusion that the policy of the Communist International in Britain in 1933 — the beginning of 1934 was mainly directed to secure affiliation of the ILP to the Comintern in the capacity of a sympathizing party; moreover, Moscow also tried to unite the ILP and the CPGB framed in one party. The main aim of these plans was to eliminate the far left party (ILP) which was competing with the CPGB and to strengthen the position and to enlarge numbers of British Communists in the most favorable, as in Comintern believed, circumstances, when the British state was still suffering many problems caused by the world economic crisis (1929—1933). A. Prokopov also investigates the reaction of the chief members of the ILP towards these actions of the leaders of Comintern.

Communist International, Independent Labour Party, Communist Party of Great Britain
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