William Lambarde: the Origins of Antiquarian Discourse on the English Law
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William Lambarde: the Origins of Antiquarian Discourse on the English Law
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Anastasia Palamarchuk 
Affiliation: Saint Petersburg State University
Address: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

The article analyzes the rich heritage of Willaim Lambarde (1536—1601) — English common lawyer and antiquarian of the so-called “first generation”. The article outlines the role played by Lambarde in process of conceptualization and systematization of the English common law that was pursued also by means of antiquarian research. The fundamental concept in Lambard’s texts is the notion of “peace”. All the high officers of state, including the monarch himself, are described as “conservators” or “defenders” of the peace. A special place belongs to the justices of the peace, as they implement the king’s peace in local communities. Unlike Edward Coke, Lambarde stresses that common law itself is not self-sustained, but should be corrected by equity institutions, primarily by the Chancery.

William Lambarde, Edward Coke, Antiquarian discourse, Common law, the Tudors
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