The Myth of A. F. Kerensky's Jewish Mother in Heinrich Himmler's Pamphlet
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The Myth of A. F. Kerensky's Jewish Mother in Heinrich Himmler's Pamphlet
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Egor Yakovlev 
Affiliation: Scientific and Educational Project “Digital History”
Address: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

In 1936, Heinrich Himmler's propaganda pamphlet “The SS as an Anti-Bolshevik fighting Organization” was published in Germany. In it, the head of the Nazi “protection squadrons” gave a fictional biography of A. F. Kerensky, according to which the head of the Provisional Government was the son of a Jewish revolutionary sentenced to death, but pardoned by the tsar because of pregnancy. With this phantasmagoric story, Himmler showed the perniciousness of mercy towards the Jews, because Kerensky, who was saved by the emperor, according to the Reichsfuhrer of the SS, eventually destroyed tsarist Russia and cleared the way for Bolshevism. The study examines the possible sources of this myth, the most likely of which is the journalism of the White immigrant Grigory Schwartz-Bostunich. The author concludes that Himmler's ideas about the Russian revolution and the world Jewish-Masonic conspiracy were influenced by this former propagandist of the White Army, who found application for his conspiracy theories in the ranks of the NSDAP and SS.

Himmler, SS, Black Hundreds, conspiracy, Jewish-Masonry, Holocaust, White Emigration
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