Slovakia in US Foreign Policy in 1945—1948
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Slovakia in US Foreign Policy in 1945—1948
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Artyom Zorin 
Affiliation: Vyatka State University
Address: Russian Federation, Kirov

The article is devoted to the analysis of US policy towards Slovakia and Czecho-Slovak contradictions in 1945—1948. The author explores two main blocks of problems. The first one is the US Government’s reaction to the activities of Slovak emigration in the US: its nationalist and separatist sentiments, demands for the re-establishment of an independent Slovak republic, the support of Slovak war criminals. The second set of problems is related to the perception of political processes in the Czechoslovak Republic, the struggle between Slovak democrats and communists. The author examines the difficulties in perceiving of these problems by US diplomats and State Department experts, their reactions and recommendations. He reveals the complexity and difficulties that accompanied the development of Washington's official position. US policy towards Slovakia is considered in the general context of international relations of the first post-war years and the origin of the Cold War. The study is based on primary sources of the US and Czech archives.

History of Slovakia, Slovak emigration, US-Czechoslovak relations, the Cold War, J. Tiso, F. Durcansky, L. Steinhardt
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