What Parchment May Tell about the Work of Gutenberg: the Gutenberg Bible in Berlin. SBPK and Göttingen. SUB
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What Parchment May Tell about the Work of Gutenberg: the Gutenberg Bible in Berlin. SBPK and Göttingen. SUB
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Elena Kazbekova 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

Parchment investigation of the online-versions of the Berliner and Göttingen exemplars of the Gutenberg Bible allows to identify and study the types of parchment restoration of the 15th century and prove the hypothesis about two stage repair of parchment before printing, based on material of the Moscow exemplar in RSL. The traces of replacing the stitching of parchment holes with gluing show what great difficulties the parchment created during printing. Apparently, the purchased parchment was with “standard” stitching of holes and gaps. It turned out that because of the seams it was not suitable for printing, and the parchment was processed a second time: the threads were removed, the rollers along the edges of the tightened holes and all the irregularities were sanded, here and there, cutting off the edges with holes, they were very neatly pasted over, which clearly required additional cost and time.

the Gutenberg Bible (B42), restoration of parchment, stitching of parchment, parchment repair with adhesive
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