From the Republic to the Principate: the Stages of Political Development of Italian Cities in the 13th — 15th Centuries
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From the Republic to the Principate: the Stages of Political Development of Italian Cities in the 13th — 15th Centuries
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Lidia Bragina 
Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article examines the stages of evolution of the systems of government in the cities of Northern and Central Italy in the High Middle Ages. Changes in the government structures are traced from the era of communes and the phase of the city-states to the time of raise of Signoria and the Principate. The evolution of the forms of political structure is linked to socio-economic changes in the cities of Italy and the growth of political activity of citizens. As shown in the article, the Republican system of government failed to ensure social stability in the Italian city-States, which led to the establishment of the Signoria opened the way to autocracy. In Italy, medieval polycentrism was most clearly manifested, but it played an important role in the birth of humanism and the flourishing of Renaissance culture.

Italian cities, commune, signoria, republic, government system
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