English Urban Communities of Early Modern Times Fighting against the Witchcraft
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English Urban Communities of Early Modern Times Fighting against the Witchcraft
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Olga Togoeva 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article analyzes a series of English demonological pamphlets of the 16th — 17th centuries. Their study leads the author to the conclusion that the procedure adopted in English judicial proceedings for “watching” suspects was used not only by judges or witch hunters, but also by ordinary citizens. Tracking a “witch” or a “sorcerer” in everyday life (their social circle, relationships in the family and with people around them, their professional activities and leisure), searching their homes and even testing them with the help of ordeals (God’s judgment) could become the business of all local residents. The “watching” procedure thus became the foundation on which the self-identification of the urban community was built. It allowed true Christians to unite against their main enemies — the devil and his followers.

England, 16th — 17th centuries, demonological pamphlets, urban community, witch hunt, legal proceedings
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