Foreign Policy Dimension of Right Regimes in Latin America
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Foreign Policy Dimension of Right Regimes in Latin America
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Evgeniy Astakhov 
Affiliation: MGIMO University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
Elena Astakhova
Affiliation: MGIMO University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article analyzes the internal and external factors of the “right shift” in Latin America.  The focus is made on the foreign policy priorities of right-wing governments in the most important countries. The new political conjuncture on the continent is also under consideration taking into account the factor of Тrump's policy. The author underlines the evident link between these processes and US attempts to animate so-called “Monroe doctrine”. Contradictory realities inherent in Latin America are forcing even Pro-American governments, especially of the large countries of the continent, to claim prominent places in world affairs.

Latin America, “right turn”, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Venezuela, China, Russia, Monroe doctrine, D. Trump
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