The Diary and Letters of Claire Clairmont on the Sufferings of Herself and Other People
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The Diary and Letters of Claire Clairmont on the Sufferings of Herself and Other People
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Olga Solodyankina 
Affiliation: Cherepovets State University
Address: Russian Federation, Cherepovets

The article analyzes the diary and letters of Claire Clairmont, an English governess, who worked in Russia in the 1820s. Being related by birth and her subsequent life to Godwin, Shelley and Byron, C. Clairmont wielded a skillful pen, and in the letters to English confidants she masterly created an image of a sad sufferer, a victim, which in the key moments did not coincide with the circumstances of her life set forth in the diary. Claire Clairmont’s ego-documents make it possible to highlight the moments associated with the national discourse of pain among the Russians and the English and to identify the causes and nature of painful conditions.

Claire Clairmont, the Posnikovs, governess, ego-documents, description of painful conditions
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