Title: Russian Translation of Acta Scilitanorum by Georgii Fedotov
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Title: Russian Translation of Acta Scilitanorum by Georgii Fedotov
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Anton Voytenko 
Affiliation: Center for Egyptological Studies RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

Publication of a Russian translation of the Latin version of the “Acts of the Scilitian Martyrs” made by G. P. Fedotov (1886—1951). The original of it is stored in the Bakhmetev archive of Columbia University (USA). The publication is preceded by a detailed introduction, which tells about the history and an actual state of early hagiographic texts' studies and, in particular, of the “Acts of Scilitian Martyrs” ones. A special attention is paid to the study of this source by V. V. Bolotov (1853—1900), because some of his ideas were unfairly forgotten. The author of the publication made a number of assumptions about the reasons for the appearance of Fedotov's translation and the date of its creation.

hagiography of Christian martyrs, Church history, archives of Russian emigration, V. V. Bolotov, G. P. Fedotov
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