Peccatum Originale Idea in Debates about the English Criminal Executive System Reforming in the Second Half of the 18th Century
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Peccatum Originale Idea in Debates about the English Criminal Executive System Reforming in the Second Half of the 18th Century
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Irina Erlihkson 
Affiliation: Yesenin Ryazan State University
Address: Russian Federation, Ryazan

The author of the article refers to one of the intellectual aspects of the genesis of English penitentiary reforms of the 18th century. The progressive increase in crime rate, which English society faced in the 18th century, became a popular trend in social discourse. Discussing the causes of this alarming and dangerous trend, as well as ways to reform the penal system, English publicists invariably returned to the issue of human nature. Analyzing the little known in Russian English studies the evangelist-preacher W. Romaine’s and novelist H. Fielding’s treatises, we try to investigate how their view of proportion between good and evil in human nature correlated with the Augustan dogma of the original sin (peccatum originale). consequences. But while Romaine studied the reasons of crime increase as a pure theologian, Fielding took the position of a social reformer, putting forward concrete proposals for the prevention of criminal progress on a national scale.

original sin, crime, England, Enlightenment, W. Romaine, H. Fielding
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