French Legitimism of the 19th Century's First Half: “Poor relatives” of Historiography
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French Legitimism of the 19th Century's First Half: “Poor relatives” of Historiography
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Natalya Tanjshina 
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
State Academic University for the Humanities
Moscow Pedagogical State University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The “long nineteenth century” was marked by radical changes in the social and political life of Western countries. The main principles of development were the implementation of liberal reforms and widespread dissemination of liberal values. Meanwhile, the development of liberal principles sometimes encountered resistance from conservative forces. In the Wake of the anti-revolutionary reaction in France after the July revolution of 1830, the political doctrine of legitimism was developed. The purpose of the article is to study the discussions taking place in French historical science regarding the essence of legitimism, its influence on the political life of the country and the prospects for its development. The article concludes that while some researchers interpret legitimism as an archaic political movement whose leaders were not able to respond to the challenges of the time, other historians consider legitimism as a political trend that played an important role in the political life of France until the end of the 19th century, noting that over time the Legitimists were able to adapt to the changed situation and develop a program adequate to the needs of a modernizing society. The study of this problem allows us to fill in the gaps in Russian historiography, which did not pay serious attention to the study of these issues.

political history of France, French legitimism, July monarchy, Duchess of Berry, king Charles X, count of Chambord, French historiography, Vendée
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