All the King’s Men: the Soldier in Later Medieval England Database
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All the King’s Men: the Soldier in Later Medieval England Database
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Aleksandr Lobanov 
Affiliation: University of Southampton (United Kingdom of Great Britain)

The paper introduces the reader to The Soldier in Later Medieval England online database putting together some quarter million records from primary sources containing the names of the soldier who were serving the kings of England in 1369—1453 as well the details of their services. The paper discussed the general types of sources on which the database is based and also considers the changes in the database structure and web interface made in 2016 during its refurbishment which brought the database in its current state. Also some problems encountered while developing the new database version are discussed and the solutions explained.

databases, nominal data, medieval military history, Hundred Years War, 14th Century England,15th Century England, 15th Century France, Lancastrian France, muster rolls
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