3D-Modeling and Virtual Reality Technologies in the Projects of Historical Urban Landscapes Reconstruction
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3D-Modeling and Virtual Reality Technologies in the Projects of Historical Urban Landscapes Reconstruction
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Leonid Borodkin 
Affiliation: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article considers experience of using digital technologies in the projects of virtual reconstruction of historical urban landscapes and lost objects of historical urban environment. The possibilities of 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality, GIS technologies are considered in the context of new approaches of historical urban studies, using the example of research projects aimed at the virtual reconstruction of landscape evolution and urban environment of the center of Moscow in the 16th — 19th centuries. Particular attention is paid to the formation of historical source base of virtual reconstruction and its verification. The paper observes the relationship of approaches developing in the framework of Digital Cultural Heritage and Digital Humanities. In this regard, new approaches to research on the virtual reconstruction of historical urban landscapes are discussed.

virtual reconstructions, 3D-modeling, virtual and augmented reality, historical landscape, digital humanities, preservation of cultural heritage, historical urban studies, history of Moscow
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