Cadiz in 1810—1812: a Besieged City through the Eyes of British Soldiers
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Cadiz in 1810—1812: a Besieged City through the Eyes of British Soldiers
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Tatiana Kosykh 
State Academic University for the Humanities
Ural Federal University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow; Ekaterinburg

The article is devoted to one of the central subjects of the Spanish «War of Independence» or Napoleon’s Iberian campaign — the French siege of Cadiz (1810—1812). During the siege Cadiz became a core of the country's political life and the place where the first Constitution of Spain was adopted. In defense of Cadiz, which lasted for almost 30 months, were participated British soldiers and officers. Their testimonies allow us to see the life of the besieged city from the inside. The focus of the article is the image of Cadiz and its inhabitants, as well as certain aspects of the daily life of the city, reflected in diaries, letters and memoirs of the British soldiers.

Napoleonic Wars, The Peninsular War, Siege of Cadiz (1810—1812), Image of the “Other”, Spanish-British relations
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