The Beginning of the Emigration of the Sociologist P. A. Sorokin: Scientific, Political and Charitable Activities in Russian Abroad
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The Beginning of the Emigration of the Sociologist P. A. Sorokin: Scientific, Political and Charitable Activities in Russian Abroad
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Petr Bazanov 
Affiliation: Saint Petersburg State University of Culture
Address: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg
Aleksey Shevtsov
Affiliation: Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University
Address: Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

The article considers the activities of the famous Russian and American sociologist and moralist Pitirim Sorokin as an organizer and ideologist of the emigrant political party “Peasant Russia” (later — he Labor peasant party “Peasant Russia”). Spatial framework: the period of stay in the capital of Czechoslovakia Prague in late 1922 — late 1923. Describes the process of adaptation Sorokin after the expulsion from Soviet Russia to right-socialist and left-liberal circles of the Russian intelligentsia. In Detail the history of creation of the political organization created by members of the right wing of the party of socialists-revolutionaries, Sergei Maslov, Alfred Bem and Andrey Argunov. The reasons for the exit of Pitirim Sorokin from the “Peasant Russia” are also highlighted. Both published and archival materials were used in the preparation of the work. The main ideas of the authors: 1) Pitirim Sorokin immediately after his expulsion from Soviet Russia actively joined the political life of the Russian emigration; 2) his political views underwent the “right-wing evolution” characteristic of a large part of emigrant figures from socialist ideology to liberal and even conservative ideology; 3) the Break with the leadership of “Peasant Russia” was due to a number of reasons, both public (ideological) and private (financial).

Pitirim Sorokin, Peasant Russia, socialist revolutionary party, Prague, first russian emigration, Russian Abroad, Czechoslovakia
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