Role of the Communist International in the Relations between the Soviet Russia and Great Britain in 1920s — the Beginning of 1930s
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Role of the Communist International in the Relations between the Soviet Russia and Great Britain in 1920s — the Beginning of 1930s
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Alexander Prokopov 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

A. Prokopov revealed in this article how the foreign policy of the USSR correlated with the policy of the Communist International towards Britain. The author compared and analyzed the policy of the Soviet State and the Comintern towards the first and the second Labour governments, towards General Strike of 1926 and at the time of world economic crisis (1929—1933). The analysis allowed to make the following conclusion: the interests of the Soviet government in 1920s — the beginning of 1930s were not the absolute priority in the policy of the Comintern (as it became later). The Bolshevik position at this time contradictory combined the messianic function of advancing of revolutionary ideas with the aims of establishment of contacts of Soviet state with western powers and strengthening of international economic contacts of the USSR.

Communist International, Soviet Union, foreign policy, Communist Party of Great Britain
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