Law Rules King and Subjects: Magna Carta vs. Bridewell’s Charter
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Law Rules King and Subjects: Magna Carta vs. Bridewell’s Charter
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Sergey Kondratiev 
Affiliation: Tyumen State University
Address: Russian Federation, Tumen

The article analyzes the contents of the short treatise of the London Recorder William Fleetwood, dedicated to the Commission of Bridewell (hospital and prison for paupers), that according to the royal charter of Edward VI (1553) have the right to search, punish, correct and keep offenders in prison. It depicts that the treatise was a reaction to the attempts and suits to bring the powers of the Commission of Bridewell into question. Author notes that William Fleetwood believed that the Bridewell’s charter contradicts with chapter 29 of the Magna Carta of Henry III (1225), which prohibits arbitrary arrests, and the royal authority according to the Magna Carta does not have the prerogative to create commissions with such powers.

England, William Fleetwood, Bridewell, Henry III’s Magna Carta (1225), chapter 29, royal prerogative, law
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