External Relations of Old Rus’ in the 12th Century
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External Relations of Old Rus’ in the 12th Century
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Irina Konovalova 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The paper is devoted to the analysis of information about the external relations of Old Rus’ in the geographical treatise of the 12th century Arab scholar al-Idrisi. Unlike other sources, information of which, as a rule, is fragmentary and describes only particular direction of external relations of Old Rus’, in the world geography of al-Idrisi these relations are characterized in almost all directions at once, which allows us to imagine them as a system. Due to the fact that al-Idrisi’s text is built primarily as a “route description”, all his messages about Old Rus’ (with the exception of archaic, borrowed from the authors of the tenth century) are a story about the ways by which Old Rus’ was associated with the outside world. The paper considers information about the relations of Old Rus’ with Poland, the Baltic countries, Cumania (the Polovtsian steppe), as well as its presence in the Black Sea area.

Old Rus’, external relations, al-Idrisi, trade routes, route data
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