To Continue the Topic of the Lithuanian State in the Context of the Anglo-Russian Axis. Plots of 1919—1920
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To Continue the Topic of the Lithuanian State in the Context of the Anglo-Russian Axis. Plots of 1919—1920
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Cheslovas Laurinavichus 
Affiliation: Lithuanian Institute of History
Address: Lithuania, Vilnius

The article provides complicated episodes from the history of Lithuania in 1919—1920 in the context of the geopolitical interests of the European powers, mainly of Great Britain and Soviet Russia. The study shows that as London as Moscow planned that Lithuanian national statehood had to include cities of Vilnius and Klaipeda. However, those plans had to be corrected taking into account the interests in the Baltic region of other European States: first of all Germany, than France and Poland (axis France-Polish). Besides, the fate of the national Lithuania was negatively affected by its internal structure, which was incomplete for a self-sufficient state existence. The author concludes that Moscow’s position considering the situation of Lithuania was more in the interests of the Lithuanian ethnic-cultural development, than London’s attitude to this problem.

Lithuania, Moscow, London, Berlin, Vilnius question, Klaipeda region
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