Summing up: the “Russian Question” and the Formation of a “New World Order” at the Paris Peace Conference
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Summing up: the “Russian Question” and the Formation of a “New World Order” at the Paris Peace Conference
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Sergey Listikov 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

This article examines various efforts by the victorious states to resolve the “Russian Question” at the peace conference. This issue is pursued in two contexts: firstly, the sharp polemics about the future organization of the world between President Wilson with his liberal program and European politicians who adhered to traditional power politics; secondly, the search by the Paris peacemakers for a suitable response to the threat of Bolshevik expansionism. Wilson’s failure in Paris was connected to the developing struggle between the President and the strong isolationist opposition in the United States. According to the author, the peace laid out in Paris did not match the challenges created by the Great War, and the seeds were sown for a new global military catastrophe — an outcome predicted by a few prescient politicians and diplomats, including President Wilson.

“Russian question”, World War One, Paris peace conference, the Allies, Woodrow Wilson’s diplomacy
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