From the Honest Anti-Bolshevism to the not Honest Admiration of the USSR: the October Revolution and Its Aftermath from Nationalist Republicanism Framework in Catalonia
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From the Honest Anti-Bolshevism to the not Honest Admiration of the USSR: the October Revolution and Its Aftermath from Nationalist Republicanism Framework in Catalonia
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Josep Puigsech Farràs 
Affiliation: Autonomous University of Barcelona
Address: Spain, Barcelona

This article shows how the First World War and the Spanish Civil War became the main factors which determined the point of view of Catalonian nationalist republicanism on the October Revolution, the Soviet Russia and the USSR. At the beginning during the first years after the Bolsheviks took the power, it was simply an opinion, fully honest and clearly antibolshevist. However, later it evolved into an institutional point of view of Catalonian government, a clearly not honest one and defined by an admiration of the Soviet world, precisely of the principles, which were laid as a foundation for the national politics of the USSR.

First World War, Spanish Civil War, nationalist republicanism, Catalonia, October Revolution, Russia
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