Humanitarian Aspects of the Spanish Civil War in 1936—1939 in the Presentation of the British Press
Humanitarian Aspects of the Spanish Civil War in 1936—1939 in the Presentation of the British Press
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Nikolay Fomichev 
Affiliation: Belgorod National Research University
Address: Russian Federation, Belgorod

This article deals with the problems of humanitarian character associated with the Spanish Civil War of 1936—1939, which were reflected in the British press. “Non-intervention” conducted by S. Baldwin and N. Chamberlain Governments prevented the British public to begin an active assistance to the civilian population of Spain. War crimes of the Francists set the public in favor of the Republicans. It was carried out by various public and charitable organizations. Very important were in the British press also Fund-raising actions in favor of the affected civilian population in Spain, also assistance was given to the wounded British members of the International brigades and families of the fallen. Most of the newspapers, obviously, sympathized with the Republicans in these aspects. British publications have played a major role in mobilizing public opinion in the anti-Franco spirit to 1939.

Spain, Civil War 1936—1939, refugees, fundraising, British press
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