Spanish Civil War and the Documents of the Russian State Military Archive
Spanish Civil War and the Documents of the Russian State Military Archive
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Vladimir Tarasov 
Affiliation: Russian State Military Archive
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article is devoted to the presentation of documents of the Russian State Military Archive (RGVA) on the Spanish Civil War in 1936—1939. At the same time, special attention is paid to the archive fund 35082 “Collection of Documentary Materials on the History of the Spanish Civil War”. It contains 651 cases, the materials of which the researchers can currently work with. The RGVA began preparations for the publication of collections of information materials stored in this fund by the Intelligence Directorate of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army on the events in Spain in 1936—1939. These collections solved the problem of systematically informing the country's leadership and the People's Commissariat of Defence of the events in Spain. The compilations summarize information received from Soviet military advisers and specialists sent to Spain to provide military-technical assistance to the Spanish Republic. This information was prepared on the basis of dispatches, letters, as well as reports of military experts on military operations on the fronts of Spain, the mood of the population, the status of the francoist troops, the technical characteristics of the enemy weapons and the experience gained in the use of military equipment RGVA funds store a significant amount of captured documents in various languages. Sometimes in one case the materials of the republican troops and their opponents — the nationalists — are combined. This circumstance allows researchers to assess more fully and reliably the events that took place on the Spanish soil. The article contains excerpts from some of the vivid documents of the archive, giving an idea of the people who distinguished themselves in Spain and the most important events of the Civil War.

Civil War in Spain, RGVA, archival funds, collections of information materials, captured documents, military-technical assistance, military experts, military operations
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