White Émigrés in Red Spain — Pavel Dorman and Andrew Esimontovskiy
White Émigrés in Red Spain — Pavel Dorman and Andrew Esimontovskiy
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Konstantin Semenov 
Affiliation: Alexander Solzhenitsyn Russia Abroad House
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

One of the most interesting phenomena in the history of the Spanish Civil War is the participation of the former white emigrants who had taken part in the Civil War in Russia (1918—1922) and collaborated with the Republic. After the Civil War in Russia ended, lots of the White Army servicemen had to go into exile and thus they found themselves in emigration. After a quarter of a century passed, some of them reconsidered their life experience and from being enemies of Soviet Russia became friends to it. In the present research it is suggested to review the motivation of the Russian white émigré volunteers who served in the Republic Army and to trace the changes in their political views.

Spanish Civil War, Russian émigrés, officiers, motivation
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