Kazakhstan: 1950—1952. Looking from the CIA
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Kazakhstan: 1950—1952. Looking from the CIA
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Arutyun Ulunyan 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
On the basis of recently declassified documents of American intelligence the author examines the information, which the CIA was assembling on the situation in the Kazakh SSR during 1950—1952, when this Soviet republic has faced the same socio-political processes as the whole USSR has met and linked to the policy of ideological repressions that the Soviet authorities has unfolded since the mid-1940s. It was in the early 50's when this policy has reached its climax and seriously influenced the situation in Kazakhstan. The evolution from collecting economic and military information to the political as-pects of the development in the republics of the USSR testified to the qualita-tively new approach of the CIA to the problems of the Soviet regime. At the same time, this gave rise to a new vision of the situation when it became clear to American intelligence that special attention should be paid to such republics as Kazakhstan, which was an important element in the whole construction of the system of inter-republican relations.
CIA, Cold War, CPSU, Kazakhstan, USA, USSR
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