Documents of Archives of RAS on the Romanization of Kazakh Writing System in 1920s — 1930s
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Documents of Archives of RAS on the Romanization of Kazakh Writing System in 1920s — 1930s
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Irina Iliyna 
Affiliation: Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The article based on the analysis of documents stored in the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences, reconstructed the process of development and implementation of a new romanized alphabet in Kazakhstan in the 1920s — 1930s., restored chronicle of events, highlights the activities of the Soviet government to reform the writing in the country, assesses the forms and results of the practical introduction of the new alphabet. To ensure full coverage of the history of language reform in Kazakhstan the author unstudied archival documents from the collections of such institutions and organizations as the all-Union Central Committee of the new alphabet, the Institute of language and literature of peoples of the USSR Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Institute of language and thinking of a name of N. I. Marra, etc. The study of the array of archival documents revealed both the General trends of the reform and the peculiarities of its implementation in the territory of Kazakhstan. The author discovered previously unknown unique evidence of the idea of romanization of writing, characterized the attitude towards it in the country and abroad, revealed the contribution of Soviet scientists in the development of language and writing, identified new historical facts, expanded the existing understanding of the history of the translation of Kazakh writing into a new romanized alphabet in the 20th century.
Kazakhstan, romanization, Committee of the new alphabet, the Archive of Russian Academy of Sciences, an archival document
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