Soviet Volunteer Pilots and Spanish Republican Pilots during the Spanish Civil War. New Approaches to the Study
Soviet Volunteer Pilots and Spanish Republican Pilots during the Spanish Civil War. New Approaches to the Study
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Natalia Anikeeva 
Affiliation: MGIMO University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The victory of the Popular Front in Spain in 1936, which the right-wing forces were not prepared to accept, heated up the political situation in the country in the 1930s. Spain has split into two camps, into “two Spains”. The Franco's rebellion spread throughout Spain and then escalated into a civil war in July of 1936. The USSR’s aid to the Spanish Republic was limited by the enormous distance and international situation of the blockade, closed borders and “non-intervention”. Despite these difficulties, aviators of various specialties and combat aircrafts of all types were sent to Spain from the USSR. Spanish Republic 1936—1939 was the first experience of a new type of a democratic republic, the predecessor of the people's democracy, which took its experience. It is important, 80 years later, after the start of a significant fateful event in the history of Spain, to revisit the past and once again recall the participation of Soviet volunteer pilots and Spanish Republican pilots, in particular, S. I. Gritsevets, A. K. Serov and F. Merogno Pelliser in the Civil War.

Civil War, Popular Front, Spain, Second Republic, aviation
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