The Fall of the Spanish Republic in an International Context (1938—1939)
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The Fall of the Spanish Republic in an International Context (1938—1939)
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Aleksander Shubin 
Institute of World History RAS
State Academic University for the Humanities
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

The article is devoted to the international context of the defeat of the Spanish Republic. In 1937—1938 the Spanish Republic missed the chance for a military victory and in 1939 was defeated. This fact creates the impression that there was no alternative to defeat. Analyzing the international context of the situation in Spain, the author shows that the chances of preserving the Republic remained until March of 1939 and in this period largely depended on the international situation. The Republic could survive until the Second World War. This chance arose in September 1938 in connection with the Sudeten crisis, it persisted in 1939, as the Republic had a small but sufficient resources of resistance to survive for several months in the unpredictable situation of pre-war Europe. Only the rebellion of S. Casado, who launched the process of self-destruction of the Republic, deprived her of the chance to survive until the beginning of the world conflict, which broke out four months later.

Spanish Civil war, Sudeten crisis, Stalin, Franco, Negrin, Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlain, Daladier
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