Present-Day Spain: Several Problems of Addressing Civil War and Dictatorship
Present-Day Spain: Several Problems of Addressing Civil War and Dictatorship
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Sergey Khenkin 
Affiliation: MGIMO University
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow

During the years of the establishment and consolidation of democracy the problem of addressing the Civil war and Francoist dictatorship disappeared from the official discourse: both the left and the right in Spain bypassed this painful topic. In the 90s and particularly after the adoption by the Socialist government of the Historical Memory Law (2007) and of the decision to exhume Franco’s remains from the Valley of the Fallen (2018) the situation changed. Interpretation of the past became the subject of acute political struggle. According to some views the governments of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party open the wounds of the past, according to the opposite views, they heal these wounds.

Spain, civil war, Francoism, Historical Memory Law, national reconciliation, Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, People's Party
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