Between Craft and Phylosophy: Music in the Eyes of the Medieval Intellectual
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Between Craft and Phylosophy: Music in the Eyes of the Medieval Intellectual
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Aleksandra Kulpina 
Occupation: Junior Research Fellow
Affiliation: Institute of Philosophy RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The article examines knowledge and practical skills that were associated with the word “music” by a medieval West-European erudite. A group of Italian derivational dictionaries created between 11th and 13th is a main source for the study. This group contains Elementarium doctrinae rudimentum by Papias the Lombard, Derivationes by Huguccio of Pisa, Liber derivationum by Gualtiero d’Ascoli and Catholicon by John of Genoa. These lexicographical writings were widely used by students and teachers until the Renaissance as a primitive encyclopedic handbook. This article demonstrates explanations of a word “musica” given in these dictionaries. The notion about a musician as a craftsman and as a philosopher is examined in this article and a connection between this notion and intellectual context of that period is also outlined.
derivation, dictionary, lexicography, music, philosophy, liberal arts, Papias the Lombard, Huguccio of Pisa, John of Genoa
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