“To the Thunder of Cannon and Joyous Shouts of the Crowd the Shah Entered Astarabad”: Russia, Britain and the Attempt to Restore Mohammad Ali Shah
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“To the Thunder of Cannon and Joyous Shouts of the Crowd the Shah Entered Astarabad”: Russia, Britain and the Attempt to Restore Mohammad Ali Shah
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Andrey Larin 
Affiliation: Institute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The years before the Great War were characterized by the increasing complexity of international relations in the Middle East. Despite the signing of the 1907 Convention, mistrust and suspicion remained between Russia and Britain. The situation was aggravated by the growing ambitions of Germany in the region, as well as the activities of American advisers who arrived in Iran in 1911. In these circumstances, the attempt of the overthrown Mohammad Ali Shah to return the power became a catalyst for a serious political crisis, during which the contradictions existing between the Russian and British Empires and, at the same time, the mutual readiness of the parties to agree and take into account the wishes of each other were quite clearly manifested. The analysis of this crisis and the experience of its overcoming allows us to understand better the specifics of Russian-British relations in Iran at the beginning of the 20th century.
Russia, Great Britain, Iran, Middle East, Anglo-Russian Agreement of 1907, Benckendorff, Neratov, Poklewski-Koziell, Sazonov, Buchanan, Grey, Nicolson, Barklay, Shuster, Mohammad Ali Shah
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