«Unde Dives et Pauperes Vivant in Pace et in Salute». Urban Life in Madrid, 12th — 13th Centuries
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«Unde Dives et Pauperes Vivant in Pace et in Salute». Urban Life in Madrid, 12th — 13th Centuries
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Galina Popova 
Occupation: Senior Research Fellow
Affiliation: Istitute of World History RAS
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow
The article based on the analysis of the local code of urban law, the beginning. XIII century — Fuero of Madrid, describes those aspects of life of the medieval town, which were regulated by the norms included in it. Fuero of Madrid is of particular interest, its text was almost entirely the result of the lawmaking of members of the concejo. The fact of recording the norms that should be respected by the inhabitants of the city demonstrated the level of development of the municipal government. From Fuero we find out about the structure of the concejo, the officials who entered into municipal government, and the terms of their authority, about the meetings of the town council. The source also informs us about the legal statuses that the inhabitants of Madrid could use, as well as the most significant issues of economic activity for the urban community, including the regulation of the use of communal lands.
Medieval town, concejo, Madrid, fuero
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